The method involving removing rust and cleverly extracting old decals

The Method Involving Removing Rust And Cleverly Extracting Old Decals

The method involving removing rust and cleverly extracting old decals

This is just as the zinc plate nailed by the iron ship locks men and women usually see, and the magnesium sticks within electric water heaters that develop activity of zinc and magnesium to guard iron.

As a final point, wipe it with a dry cloth and a small amount of oil. Ammonium acetate White powdered crystals can be found in chemical stores. The first stage: first put ammonium acetate from the same amount of water, until fully dissolved and heated to help about 70cC; The second step is always to wipe the rusted area using a soft cloth and wipe the answer until the rust spot fades away. After the above remedy, the electroplated parts can not only restore the original luster, but also remain unchanged for a long time of time.

For parts that are rusted due to peeling off of the layer, this method can also clear away rust, but no special luster in the plating surface will occur. The method involving removing rust and cleverly extracting old decals of electroplating components: Plating parts (chrome plated or galvanized), if worn out in addition to eroded by water, will corrode to varying degrees and grow to be rusted when severe.. They are difficult to take out by ordinary methods, affecting both appearance and the parts.

After placing the zinc skin from the tank, everyone will notice a significant reduction in rust when maintaining the tank. Thirdly step: the small parts is usually soaked in solution for a while, wipe dry after removal, may also achieve the same effect. Then the cloth is wiped over residual solution and the electroplating portion is bright as before. A rust removing method that isn't going to corrode the coating and is known for a good effect


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